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The number one thing all speakers need is opportunities to speak. Our team will do the research for you - events, summits, conferences etc. nationally and internationally every month. 


Inside the Speakers Studio


Learn from the experts! We will be interviewing experts monthly on subjects necessary for any speaking career. These interviews will be located in our Private Facebook Group as well as on our membership page. Topics will cover: Storytelling; Branding; Marketing; Events; Pitching; Podcasting and so much more.

Ultimate Speaker Checklist

Everything you need to know to show up prepared, on-point and on-brand to build your business using speaking. This checklist includes all the items to help you show up as the professional you are.

Speaker One-Sheet Template

Your first impression needs to be a good one. We have put together a Speaker One-Sheet Template so you can just duplicate it for your own purposes. The right information in the proper format will get you noticed in the right way.


Discount Tickets to Events

The Academy4Speakers will be producing, along with Caruso Signature Events, several live, virtual and hybrid events every year. As a member, you will be the first to know about the event and will receive discounted tickets and other special offerings. 

Private Facebook Group

Every member will be invited to our join the Private Facebook Community. There you will be able to ask questions, receive feedback, learn from experts and connect with other great speakers to collaborate.


Complete Process for Pitching Event Organizers

We have a tried and true process that is simple and easy to follow. A poorly written pitch letter will definitely prevent you from getting on stage. This process and pitch letter template is laid out for you to duplicate and personalize for your own use.

Weekly Office Hours

Have a question about your speaking career? How do I start? What should my title be? What should I do next? We will be answering all your questions weekly during our Facebook Group Office Hours. 

Podcast Directory

One of the greatest and easiest ways to practice, build your business and your visibility are podcasts. This directory will give you the type of podcast, audience and contact information to find your podcast stages.

Speaking Opportunities


Practice makes perfect! We will provide a safe space to practice your craft within the group. And as opportunties arise for virtual and live stages, you will be ready and the first to know!

Your Facilitator and Coach...

Toni Caruso

With over 30 years of event production experience, Toni has brilliantly managed and successfully organized events, small and large, for the entertainment, corporate and business-to-business world.


Toni's mission is to now take that knowledge, skill, and experience to business professionals to help them educate, inform and share their genius live on stage to their world. 










“Toni is a great speaker who always brings amazing energy, gives useful insights, and engages her audience. I look forward to her talks as I know I will learn something new and walk away with tangible action steps. She has been instrumental in helping me build my business using stages.”

Elisa Ellis

CEO, Turnkey Style

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